Notes to Fuel Cell Index:

Stock Additions and Subtractions:
Inception: 09/13/99:
Ava Bldp Ener Erc Imco Mdslf Mhtx Mkty Satc Synm
09/20/1999: ERC symbol change to FCL
11/02/1999: PLUG added after market close
11/09/1999: DCHT added after market close
11/17/1999: 3:2 FCL stock split
01/04/2000: GBTOF, an American Dollar version of GLE.TO on the Toronto Exchange, added after market close.
01/10/2000: MHTX announces temporary symbol change to MHTXE
02/09/2000: After the close MHTXE delisted from NASD OTC BB Exchnage and moved to Pink Sheet Exchangepink sheets under symbol MHTX. (Pink sheet historical data taken from
04/13/2000: MKTY 3:1 stock split
05/25/2000: MHTX restored to OTC BB Exchange trading.
06/05/2000: MDSLF ceases trading after market close. MDTL exchanges 1.37 shares for every share MDSLF. MDSLF shares removed and replaced with 1.37 shares MDTL
06/06/2000: FCL moves from AMEX to NASDAQ, symbol change to FCEL
09/06/2000: FCEL 100% Stock Dividend shareholder of record date (i.e., 2:1 stock split)
09/14/2000: HPOW, MCEL, PRBL added after market close.
11/2000: IDA added.
May 2001: SRNYF added.
summer 2001: FCEL split.
October 2001: SATC dividend.
11/30/01: HYGS added after market close.
11/02/07: Index retired.

Other Notes:
12/1999 - 02/2000: Work on Index Begins. Rise in PLUG, DCHT, APWR, ENER, SPIR and other alternative-energy stocks, largely ignored by traditional market coverage, provides impetus for index project. Historical data culled for the original stocks, inception date chosen and tables and charts posted once per day by hand.
02/2000: CGI-PERL Programmer Howard Jow hired via webhost to automate all processes.
02/2000: Dave Redstone's takes off and starts refering to index and provides handy source for potential stocks to add.
03/2000-06/2000: Various bugs worked out.
07/2000: Howard Jow moves on from upon graduation from College. CGI-PERL Programmer Don Simonetta takes over index programming.
09/30/2000: Index audited and corrected for two differing sets of bad historical data for FCEL.
11/2000: Index moved to

Historical Data Sources: Only a few quote sources provided the necessary end-of-day historical data in table format. Originally the source chosen was (CSI) because of their convenient downloadable spreadsheet format.
Present Historical Data Research sources are:

  1. NASDAQ.COM for almost all historical data. (The trick is to click on "charting" and then fill in your stock and then fill in your time period. You can then click on the chart and get a copy-able table of data. Other methods won't lead to this table).
  2. (A good source for those really tiny stocks whose data is hard to find.)
  3. (Toronto Stock Exchange)

Suggestions for additions to this index are welcomed, including for foreign issues.