As of 2000, the most recent year for which I can easily find data, world demand for oil was about 75 million barrels per day. Of this, The US demanded about 19.7 million barrels per day, or about 26% of total world demand. Of this 19.7 million barrels per day used by the US, about 10.4 million barrels was imported, with about 49% of that from OPEC countries. Of this, about 620,000 barrels per day came from Iraq.

This 19,701,000 barrels of Oil Per day is the energy of about 30.5 Gigawatt Hours Equivalent per day, or about 39% of total US daily energy usage. This table shows 1999 US energy consumption as about 38 Quadrillion BTU of Petroleum in 2000 and 97 Quadrillion BTU over all sources, so this bears out the 39% figure. US energy consumption in 1999 was about 25% of the world total of 380 Quadrillion BTU.

With all of the earnest hand-wringing over the terrible plight of the United States being dependent on those pesky OPEC-types, very few politicians have ever focused on electric vehicles and grid-chargeable hybrid vehicles as a way to help end US use of all imported petroleum products. Fossil Fuels are simply not as necessary as is being claimed by their fans.

Unfortunately, Vice President Cheney has shown contempt for renewable energies and electric vehicles on more than one occassion. President Bush seems to have distanced himself from any mention or thought of non-fossil-fuel technologies at all, while at the same time claiming to be searching for solutions to our nation's energy crisis. On occasion he'll include some renewable energy in his administration's plans as an object of research or subsidy. It is as though such technology is suitable in Mr. Bush's eyes only for the lab or for a socialist program.